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Easter Raffle Prize List

1. Heights of Abraham tickets   Macy Y2

2. Denby craftroom tickets   Ollie Y2

3.  'Clip & Climb' tickets   Alister Recp

4. Twinlakes/Wheelgate tickets  Jane Bowler

5. Derby Rollerworld tickets  Amber Y4

6. Crich Museum tickets  Jake Y6

7. Choc bouquet  Amelia Y3

8. Choc bouquet  Kaden Y6

9. Choc bouquet Zac Y5

10. Sweetie bouquet Oliver Y4

11. Pot of dreams Mrs Reeve

12. Baylis & Harding box Jemima

13. Gift bag with bottle Grace Y5

14 Gift bag & bottle Jaden Recp

15. Hanging basket Helen Y3

16. Hanging basket Libby Y1