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The Great Wave

The Great Wave 1

How to Draw The Great Wave by Hokusai

Learn how to draw The Great Wave by the famous artist Hokusai in this easy step by step art tutorial.

Remember you can pause and rewind at any point!

Geography Resources

How to read an Ordnance Survey map

GetOutside champion and naturalist Steve Backshall continues the previous video on 4-figure gird references at b...

Understanding map symbols with Steve Backshall and Ordnance Survey

Steve Backshall continues his series of map reading videos with Ordnance Survey #GetOutside by explaining how map symbols can help understand a map and assis...

Ordnance Survey (OS) Map Symbols

Science Resources

I've tried to select the experiments that are most easily resourced at home with things you might have in your fridge or kitchen cupboard. Please do not feel under any pressure to complete them.

Separating Materials


If you have the materials at home and would like to try this, wonderful. Fridge magnets would work for the magnetism test, coffee filter paper would work for filtration. If you don't have these resources, please feel free to either omit a certain experiment or leave this entirely, there's no pressure.

Edible Diamond Instructions