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At Park House, we follow a 'Good to be Green' approach, where positive behaviour is rewarded through positive praise, dojo points, achievement assemblies and wow cards.  These all lead to prizes.


Behaviours which are not positive may result in yellow or red cards.  The cards have school-based sanctions depending upon the behaviour displayed.  Parents are notified in person or by phone if their child receives a red card.


Please see our behaviour policy for further information.


Repeated red card behaviour may put a pupil at risk of exclusion (both fixed-term or permanent).  For parents wishing to find out further details about exclusions, this can be found on the links below.


You can access the behaviour policy on our policies page.


Behaviour outside of school premises 

Behaviour in Schools - Advice for headteachers and school staff Feb 2024 ( page 25.


Schools have the power to sanction pupils for misbehaviour outside of the school premises to such an extent as is reasonable.


Conduct outside the school premises, including online conduct, that schools might sanction pupils for include misbehaviour:

• when taking part in any school-organised or school-related activity;

• when travelling to or from school; 

• when wearing school uniform;

• when in some other way identifiable as a pupil at the school;

• that could have repercussions for the orderly running of the school;

• that poses a threat to another pupil; or

• that could adversely affect the reputation of the school.


The decision to sanction a pupil will be lawful if it is made on the school premises or elsewhere at a time when the pupil is under the control or charge of a member of staff of the school.