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Wednesday 6th January


Please follow the link for day two of 'The Magic Paintbrush'.


Lesson 2




Today we are looking at the 'ou' digraph.  Please follow the link for the video and activities






Tuesday 5th January


Please follow the link for todays work all about the story ' The Magic Paintbrush'.


English Link


In phonics we are looking at the digraph 'ay'.  Please follow the links below for today's video and activities.


Phonics ay



'ay' words and activities

Thursday 3rd December


Click here for today's lesson where we will be exploring how the hatmaker's son feels and reacts when the unexpected happens.


Phonics - lots of you enjoyed putting your phonics to use with the phonic comics last week, so I've put the links for some different ones for you to pick and choose from today.


Moon Park Farm - oo ar or

Cow and Owl Town ur ow oi
Stunt Quest (phase 4 CCVC)

Moon Camping (phase 4 CVCC)


You could always have a play on one of these phonic games:

Word Warehouse

Blending Bingo



Wednesday 2nd December


Today in English we are exploring character's thoughts and feelings.


English Video Link




Please follow the links below for phonic games phase 3 and 4.


Phonics games 1

Games 2





Tuesday 1st November


In English today we are thinking about the first problem in the story.  The link for the lesson is below


Video Link


Well done and keep up the hard work!




Today we looking at the digraph 'or'. Please follow the link for todays lesson.



Monday 30th November


Here is today's English lesson.


Character's thoughts and feelings




In phonics today we are revisiting the digraph 'ur'.  Please watch the video, complete the real and nonsense word activities and have fun playing some phonic games.


Twinkl lesson on 'ur'

Phonics Play games

Mr Thorne 'ur'


Friday 27th November


We're finding information from the text today.

Click here



I thought another video from the wonderful Mr Mc would get us through to the end of the week.  Let's recap that /ear/ sound and then have a go at the phoneme spotter activity - I'll pop the sheet in your portfolios as it's being a trickster and won't let me put it on here!


/ear video/



I've got a link to a super little phonics comic for you to read that has all three of our sounds from the last few days to have a go at reading.  Don't forget to fill in those reading diaries at home.  


Phonics Comic


Thursday 26th November


Here's the link for your lesson today, we're thinking about using capital letters and full stops smiley:


Click here




Recapping that /er/ sound today with Mr Mc.  Lots of us recognise the sound, but forget to use it in our writing.  I hope his video makes you smile!


/er/ video


When you've watched the video, you could have a go at looking at this phoneme spotter sheet.  You could write down all the words with /er/ in that you find.  Don't forget those flicks and kicks on your letters!  THE SHEET IS HIDING JUST DOWN THERE UNDERNEATH THE READING TASK - IT'S BEING A TINKER FOR MRS KELLY AND REFUSES TO MOVE! SORRY!



I set you a reading activity as part of your phonics work today, so it's time to sit down and enjoy listening to a story!

Here is the second part of Claude in The City. 

When you've finished, I'd like you to draw me a picture of your favourite part of the book and write a few sentences telling me about it. Enjoy.



Wednesday 25th November


Here is the link for today's English lesson: 


Monkeys and Hats




Today in phonics we are revising the trigraph 'air'.  Watch the video and then have a go at reading and spelling some of the words.  


Video Link

Activity words

Tuesday 24th November


Please find the link for lesson two of Monkeys and Hats.


Lesson 2 Link


All tasks can be completed in your homework book.  Please remember to post your work on Class Dojo.




Look at your Monster Phonics book with an adult. 




Read your book with an adult and then try and answer the following questions.  Use your homework book and then post a photo on Dojo for me to see.  Try and remember to use capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and to use your phonic knowledge

1.What is the title of your book?
2.Who is the main character?
3.What is your favourite part of the story? Why?
4.What happens at the end of the story?



Monday 23rd November


Please follow the link to today's English lesson.  Monkeys and Hats: Problems  Lesson 1


Link to the lesson


Post your work on Class Dojo so I can see how you have got on.