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Tuesday 15th February

If you are able to, have a go at making your soup at home. Upload some pictures if you do as we would love to see!


Work your way through today's lesson. There are some video links for examples of food adverts to watch too. Complete the planning sheet ready for writing your persuasive speech tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th February

Please write your persuasive speech using your plan from yesterday and all of the resources to help you. You can refer back to the example on the slides from yesterday too.

Thursday 17th February

Work your way through the PowerPoint, completing all of the tasks.

If there is somebody at home who can test you on your spellings then upload your score to Dojo and we can add your Dojo points. The spellings to learn over half term will be posted on our Class Story soon.

Friday 18th February

Work your way through the lesson and then complete the worksheet.