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Fri 12th Feb



There are two choices today, depending on how happy you feel with long multiplication:


If you know you are still a little unsure, having complete disaster city (!) or just want some extra practise to feel really happy, then please watch my videos and work through them alongside me. I will include some tasks to have a go at yourself in the video.


If you are feeling totally 100% confident, no worries at all, you breezed through yesterday's work, then you can watch the White Rose video and complete the worksheets I've uploaded below.

Practise questions from Miss Bailey


1. 134 x 14


2. 254 x 13


3. 342 x 22


4. 412 x 24


5. 632 x 34


6. 732 x 56


Please send your answers to Miss Bailey to mark! smiley

English - Please see the task I've added on your portfolios!