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Fri 5th Feb

Maths - Using the area model to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits

Daily 10 - . Please select Level 4 - Multiplication - Mixed tables up to 12x. If you normally practise a specific times table during this part of our maths lesson, please select that.

To help you with today's multiplication work, I have made you all some resources:


- a base 10 sheet (ones cubes, tens rods and hundreds squares)

- place value counters


If you are at all stuck with today's objective, please use these - they will hopefully help you. If you don't have a printer, draw your base 10 apparatus but please make sure there is a clear distinction between the tiny ones squares, rectangular 10s rods and 100 squares otherwise you'll find yourself in a muddle!


If, after watching the White Rose video, you are still stuck / unsure / need a bit more practise, please watch my additional explanation video below before beginning the worksheet. I go through several more examples on there.

Here is a link to an interactive programme which lets you organise Base 10. To rotate the tens rods, hover in the corner and it should let you flip them horizontally and vertically.

A multiplication game if you'd like a go!