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Friday 22nd Jan

Play 3 games on TTRockstars or complete the Daily 10

Odd and Even

Today we are investigating the differences between odd and even numbers.

Reading - 15-20 minutes

(Choose an option from the suggested timetable)

Send me a message , letting me know how many times you have read this week , so as we can put on your dojo's. 


SPaG - 15 - 20 mins

(Choose an option from the suggested timetable)


Test yourself on our weekly spellings and remember to send me your score so I can keep a record and pop on your spelling dojo smiley

Literacy/Topic - Finish your biography about Florence Nightingale, remember to check you have done everything on our writing check list. It would be lovely to hear some of you reading your work out, if you can manage this, send me a video smiley

Extra literacy if you have finished your biography and want to do a little extra ( it is your choice)