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Friday 22nd


Daily 10- This week I would like you to select level 4 and mixed tables up to 12. Have a go at 10 seconds or less. If there is a times table you feel that you need more work on, please select this instead.


Warm up- Flashback 4

Flashback 4

Divide by 1 and itself

Worksheet and answers


Today's work is a follow on from last week when we looked at fronted adverbials.

Follow this link for a reminder. Watch the video clip and complete the quiz: 

We are going to be focusing on the use of a comma after a fronted adverbial today. After following the link, please complete the work on pages 46-47 of your CPG book titled 'Commas after introductions'. 


When you've done this, have a go at the quiz on the PowerPoint to check your understanding. 


Commas after fronted adverbials quiz

Spelling test

Please ask someone at home to test you on your spellings and let me know your score. 

PE with Joe

PE with Joe