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Friday 27th Nov

If you cannot print out at home, it's not a problem - just answer the questions directly into your green 'Home Learning' book. Daily 10 and the introductory quiz on the Oak Academy video can be answered here too. Please make sure you self-mark along with the teacher at the end and if you can, upload a photo of your work onto Class Dojo so I can see how you did.




Please follow the link to complete your Daily 10. Please select Level 4 (or Level 5 if you fancy a challenge), multiplication, mixed tables up to 12x. If you know there's a particular times table you need to practise, you can select that too.


Today's lesson is about calculating time intervals on timetables. Remember that jumping on a number line is often a good way to help you solve these problems. There are no worksheets to print today - all questions are given on the video and can be answered into your home learning book. Follow the link here:



Please use any strategies we look at in class to help you learn your spellings this week:


- Speed write

- Box up the word

- Make a mnemonic ( a silly rhyme ) to help you remember

- Turn the word into a picture related to it

- Squiggle, then fill each section with a spelling

- Pyramid words

- Rainbow write


At some point today, please could you ask your grown-up to test you on your spellings this week and send me a message on dojo with your score.



Please follow the link to today's English lesson.



We should have been making our clay canopic jars in class over the next few weeks (don't worry, we will do this when we're all back together again, I'll make sure of it!). For this afternoon's art lesson, I'd like you to have a hunt round your house for any tubes, tubs or containers you can use to create your own 'junk model' version. Pringles tubes, plastic pots, gravy tubes, kitchen rolls - anything - would work.


I'd like you to have a go at creating your own canopic jar from items you might have at home. You may wish to papier mache your jar with a mix of flour and water and newspaper / kitchen roll. Next week's art lesson will be to paint your canopic jar.


Link to papier mache recipe -


Extra challenge - create the head of your canopic jar. Think how cardboard can be cut to shape, you may even want to use plasticine or play dough or even salt dough.


Please check permission with your grown up before you go raiding cupboards!


I'll include pictures below for some inspiration.