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Friday 28th


Daily ten- level 4 x by 12 and divide by 12

Can you complete this in 10 seconds or less?


Here is your lesson for today on consolidating strategies. We will be moving onto division methods next week.



Use the internet and or books to find 10 interesting facts about American Bald Eagles.

You could present your work as a poster. 




The bald eagle has been the national bird of the United States since 1782. 

Follow this tutorial to create your own sketch.


We are starting our new unit called 'Dreams and Goals'.

Listen to the story below about Michael Jordan. 

Can you answer this question? What really made Michael’s dream come true?



Think about a dream or a hope you have for the future. How does it feel to have hopes and dreams? Do these dreams feel realistic? Possible? Exciting? Daunting?


Use the jar template (or draw your own) and fill it with your dreams for the future. You can make it colourful and add drawings too. 




Dream Jar template

Salt in His Shoes Michael Jordan