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Friday 29th


 English - To explore vocabulary in 'Alien Landing'

For today's English lesson, I'd like you to explore some of the tricky words and phrases you discover in 'Alien Landing'.


Re-read the story again to yourself and complete the vocabulary table, deciding which words or phrases you would like to fill the table with. You may wish to highlight your copy of the text if you are able.


Try and choose at least 4 (the table has plenty of room). This helps to develop your independence as both a writer and as a reader - Miss Bailey could give you a huge list, but making that decision yourself shows independence and curiosity about language. 



Art - To create my own rocket art painting / drawing

For your art lesson, I'd like you to create your own piece of rocket artwork inspired by Peter Thorpe.


Step 1 - Create your background by splodging / flicking / layering paint. If you don't have paint, you could use crayons or felts or anything to create an abstract background.


Step 2 - On a separate piece of paper, design your rocket(s) and any planets you'd like in your art work. Peter Thorpe his with black quite heavily - everything too: windows, blasters etc, to separate any colours.


Step 3 - Experiment with the placement of your rockets / planets and stick down when you're happy.


Please remember that you can use any mediums to create your art work. Send me a photo via Dojo (as large as possible please) and then I can make a class display with your pieces.