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Medical & Wellbeing


Park House Primary School is a nurturing and caring school.  We place a high value upon the wellbeing of our staff and pupils.  We will, where possible, take all reasonable steps to meet pupils individual needs.


We provide a range of pastoral support at Park House.  This includes a learning mentor, Mrs Ellis, who is available daily for parents and pupils.  Mrs Ellis undertakes a range of activities with pupils in small groups or one to one.  Mrs Ellis also works closely with Mrs Harris the SENCo to help meet the needs of pupils.



We are fortunate to have an afternoon of support each week from a pastoral officer from P4YP.  They provide low-level support and intervention for schools to work with families, children and young people through a referral process.


They offer:

  • Friendship group programmes
  • One to one support
  • Transition group programmes
  • Support with families and school
  • Holiday activity programmes



From September 2019 we shall be launching 'Positive Play'.


'Positive Play' involves one to one sessions which are delivered in a sensory environment using the natural medium of play. The structured sessions are tailored to meet individual needs, assisting in developing, listening and communication skills, addressing anger management issues and helping children and young people to deal with the consequences of their actions. It is designed to equip children and young people with the necessary resilience, social and life skills to manage the issues that confront them enabling them to access the curriculum and achieve their potential.


'Positive Play' aims and objectives:

  • to allow young people a space to express and communicate feelings and difficulties in their lives, through a variety of media in constructive rather than aggressive ways and in a safe non-threatening environment
  • to help young people feel good about themselves and raise self-esteem by providing activities that look at their strengths and by valuing what they do and making it special
  • to provide a non-authoritarian, supportive, reliable, safe, unconditional relationship within schools and other settings
  • to provide some of the early experiences that may have been missed but which are necessary for formal education and social interaction
  • to help young people acquire the complex range of life skills needed to achieve their full potential.


All our staff are first aid trained with paediatric trained first aiders in the Reception class and also in attendance at breakfast/afterschool club. 


If your child is poorly but well enough to be at school, we are happy to administer medication in line with our administering medication policy.  Below is guidance on infection control and information about which illnesses require being kept off school for recovery.


Please complete the administration of medication form to enable us to give the correct medication and hand this into the office.  Please ensure medication is handed into the class teacher and is clearly named.