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Monday 18th


Daily 10- This week I would like you to select level 4 and mixed tables up to 12. Have a go at 10 seconds to begin with and then try to go to 7 seconds and then 5. If there are times table or division facts that you feel that you need more work on, please select this instead.


For your mental warm-up, please complete the ten questions that I have uploaded below. 


To support you with today's objective, follow the link to the 'Moving Digits' online resource before watching the White Rose video. You will need to scroll down the page until you see an image box with the 'play' symbol in it and then click on it. This will load the resource up.


Choose 1 and 2 digit numbers by dragging the cards down from the top and into the grid.


At the bottom, there are some different buttons. Press the 'x100' one and see what happens to the digits. How does their place value change? Which direction do the digits move? How many jumps do they make?


Repeat for new 1 and 2 digit whole numbers. You could also try 3 digits too. 


Follow the link to this resource here:


Fast ten warm-up

Multiply by 100

Worksheet and answers

Supporting links for English