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Monday 1st March

Mental Maths Warm up smiley


Play TTRockstars - 3 games in the garage section of your set tables


or play Daily 10  your choice of multiplication or division for 2's 5's 10's 3's (or a mix up !)

We did not quite get as far as we usually do in school on Friday with our maths as we had technical problems and we need a little more practise counting and recognising vertices. So I'm going to set an extra shape lesson to keep everyone together today. If you were in school on Friday then the White Rose activity is for you to follow the learning we did on Friday.  If you have already completed the vertices lesson on Friday then I'm setting you a revision lesson to make sure we are all happy using the correct vocabulary to describe our 3D shapes. There is a 3D shape hunt to complete at home to follow the Oak Academy lesson video.

3D Shape Hunt to follow the lesson video

Count vertices on 3D shapes

Reading - 15-20 minutes

(Choose an option from the suggested timetable)


SPaG - 15 - 20 mins

(Choose an option from the suggested timetable which includes our weekly spellings)

This week we are going to be using Oak Academy for our English lessons so I can begin our next writing unit in school as soon as we are all back together, this fits in very well with our Garden Detectives topic and I hope you enjoy it this week smiley