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Monday 22nd


Daily 10- Today I would like you to select level 4 and divide by 12.  Try to challenge yourself and get your speed quicker. Ideally 7 seconds or less!


TT Rock Stars- 3 games in the garage area. 

Please make sure that you watch the video before you attempt the worksheet (even if you think you know how to do the work). 

Factor pairs

Worksheet and answers


Follow the link below to find today's punctuation lesson on apostrophes for plural possession. It will help if you completed the lesson on the Friday before half term (apostrophes for singular possession) before having a go at this one. Please complete any tasks in the video. 


After you have watched the video please complete the work in your CPG book on pages 54 and 55.


Today we are beginning our new topic 'Blue Abyss'. To begin our topic we will be revising the oceans of the world and also locating some of the seas. There are two options for worksheets today. One is slightly easier as it has boxes to help you to label the oceans/ seas. The other is a blank world map with no boxes. You can choose which one to complete depending on how confident you feel. 


If you do not have an atlas/ map at home you can use the internet to search for 'map of the oceans and seas' and there are lots of options that you can use to complete the tasks.


In class, we will be splitting the lesson into two parts and completing some of it today and some tomorrow. You can do the same. I will let you know in the recording of the lesson where you can stop and then restart. 


Please listen to chapters 12 and 13 of the story before beginning the lesson.