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Monday 22nd


Daily 10 - Level 4 - Multiplication - Mixed tables up to 12x - Challenge by going on 3 seconds now!


TTRockstars - 3 games in the arena please smiley


Independent write of your first 3 plot points


Think carefully about the writing lenses you have chosen to focus on. Before you write each plot point, pause and create a bank of words / phrases / ideas to support you.


For those who have already written the whole thing, I'd like you to edit and improve your first three plot points please.


To launch the interactive, just press the yellow 'play' button. Keep an eye on the animation of the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West. The moon will follow just behind.


Look at the shapes and how they change over the course of the month. At the side, it will tell you what the current phase is for each step: waxing / waning and gibbous / crescent etc.


Now launch the animation again and pause the video to look at the position of the moon relative to the Sun and Earth and how this affects the 'shape' of the moon we see at night.

Independent task - Moon phases labelling activity. Please pick the level you are happiest with (* - easy, *** - challenge).

Each night, I'd like you to look outside and record the shape of the moon in the 'Moon Journal' document below. 

Questions to consider over the next month:



1. Did the Moon look the same each day? If not, describe how it changed throughout the month.


2. Did you see the Moon at the same time each day throughout the month? Was there a pattern to the time when you were able – or not able – to observe it? If so, describe the pattern.


3. Did anything ever prevent you from being able to see the Moon? If so, what? Could you figure out what the Moon would have looked like if you could have seen it? If so, how?


4. What do you think will happen to the Moon’s shape in the sky during the next week?