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Monday 24th


Daily ten- please complete level 4 multiply by 12 and divide by 12. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can answer the questions.

Please watch the video and complete the activities and then try the worksheet.

Handwriting- please write out your spellings in your neatest joined writing


We are continuing our sentence stacking for 'Journey'.

Please follow this link to find the video lesson. Please ignore the date. 

Remember to set up your page with the thinking side and writing side.




The link for turtle playground:   

You should be able to access it on a tablet or computer/laptop. 


In last week's lesson we learned how to create a procedure on turtle playground. If we are successful, we should just be able to type in the shape name and the turtle will draw a square.

Here is the code example to create a procedure for a square: 


TO square repeat 4 [fd 100 rt 90] END


Task 1: See if you can create a procedure for all of the shapes on the sheet uploaded below. 

Task 2: Experiment with making patterns use the procedure name. Here is an example: repeat 10 [square rt 36] . What happens?

As an extra challenge, try to draw a prediction on a piece of paper and then run the code to see if it matches.