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Our School Day

Please note that due to Covid-19 we are operating a temporary change to our start and finish times. 


We will revert back to our usual times when it is safe to do so! 


Siblings in older year groups to those siblings in Reception will follow the Reception times of 9am-3.25pm.




Morning session 8.50 am-12 pm


Afternoon session 13.05-15.30 (15.25 for Reception class only)


Our school day starts at 8.50 am when the bell rings.  The school gates are open from 8.30 am to enable parents to help their child put their things away and then wait on the playground for the bell.


When the bell rings in the morning, pupils are called by class to line up where their teacher will greet them and take them inside the school.



At the end of the school day, the gates open at 15.20 and Reception parents can wait for their child in the Reception garden.  Key stage 1 and 2 parents can wait on the main playground for the classes to be dismissed at 15.30 when the bell rings.


Teachers are available in the classroom for quick messages from 8.40 am but please use this time to arrange for a longer, more dedicated session after school.


Pupils remain the responsibility of parents until 8.50 am when the bell rings, however, we do have a member of staff on the playground from 8.40 am to maintain order and provide indirect supervision. 


We have a breakfast and after school club which can be used for parents requiring a child care solution. To find out more click below: