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Thurs 14th



Daily 10 - . Please select Level 4 - Multiplication - Mixed tables up to 12x. If you normally practise a specific times table during this part of our maths lesson, please select that.

To support you with today's objective, follow the link to the 'Moving Digits' online resource before watching the White Rose video. You will need to scroll down the page until you see an image box with the 'play' symbol in it and then click on it. This will load the resource up.


Today, we are dividing by 10. Create the number 4,500 using the digit cards and press 'divide by 10'.


What happens to the digits? How does their place value change? Which direction do the digits move? How many jumps do they make?


Repeat for: 70, 450, 900, 32,000,  87,200 and 10,450.


The link for this resource is here:

Ukulele with Mrs Charles

Follow the lesson instructions and clickable links in the pdf document


Islamic call to prayer

The Story of Bilal

The Incident of the Black Stone



This is Wednesday's 'PE with Joe' however, you could always find a different one by looking on his YouTube playlist - it's called Body Coach TV.