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Thurs 7th Jan


Daily 10 - . Please select Level 4 - Multiplication - Mixed tables up to 12x. If you normally practise a specific times table during this part of our maths lesson, please select that.

I am aware that some of the questions on today's maths worksheet require practical apparatus. If you have any little cube objects e.g. Lego, sugar cubes (!) at home, they could be used. However, if you are struggling, try the alternative maths worksheet I have uploaded which is more picture based.



If you are struggling to access the Oak Academy RE lesson, I've attached my lesson flipchart. This is the first lesson of a new unit about Muslim beliefs.


Question to consider

How is life like a journey?


Follow the instructions on the flipchart to plot happy/ joyful and sad/tricky times you may encounter over your life by the side of the 'road' that leads from the hospital to the open door. For example: a 'tricky' time might be revising for exams.

If possible, discuss your answers with a grown-up at home.


Question to consider

What helps us to get through the good times? What helps us get through the bad times?


On your sheet, next to each time you plotted from the first task, write how you would cope with it. For my example earlier, I would get through that tricky time by: sharing worries with friends and family, keeping calm, remembering to try my best.


Select 5 of your best ways of coping to complete the 5 pillars that begin: "Through the journey of life, I will need..."


Then, read through the information about the 5 Pillars of Islam and watch the BBC BItesize clip.