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Thursday 20th


Daily ten:

Complete x 6 and x7. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can answer the questions. 


Spr4.1.5 - Written methods


We are continuing our sentence stacking for 'Journey'.

Please follow this link to find a recorded lesson. Set up your page just like you would in school with a thinking side and a writing side. 

Please ignore the date as it was filmed last year but follows what we are doing now.


See if you can select the correct homophone from our list this week to complete the sentences. 


This week we are looking at a new extract in our reading.

Use the internet to look for the definitions of the words on the sheet and draw a small picture to remind you of its meaning. They are all words that are taken from the first chapter of the text.


Then, see if you can write a prediction about what you think the new extract will be about based on the words you have been given. 

Definitions sheet