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Thursday 25th February

Maths- To find the mass of objects in units

In this lesson we will be using balance scales and units to find out how much objects weigh



Daily Ten- Level 2- partitioning


English-  To use coordinating conjunctions

In this lesson we will learn a new song all about problems and practise using coordinating conjunctions in sentences





We're using this week to recap on all those new sounds you've been learning so far in phase 5.  Can you have a play on some of the games on the Phonics Play website to see which you can remember?


Phonics Play- Phase 5 Link


How are you getting on with your precursive letters?  I know there are lots of remember... but once we've practised them, don't go forgetting them on me!


So far, we've looked at those curly caterpillar letters: c, o, a, d, g, q, e, s, f and our first few one armed robot letters: r, n, m.  Let's look now at the next set: h, b, p and k.


Remember to use your correct letter formation in your work... I'm always keeping my eyes peeled and have special dojos to award for it!




Another session of our Qualitas PE for you to enjoy at home! Have fun folks!