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Thursday 28th January


Daily 10- This week I would like you to select level 3- then multiplication- 8x table. I would like you to start at a comfortable time this could be 15 seconds if you would like. If you feel confident you may reduce the time down or challenge yourself.  Also remember to practise your TT Rocks stars- you get a dojo for every time that you have been on so it is worth it (I will add these up on Friday when I access who has been on).

Spr3.4.2 - Count money (pounds)

This is "Spr3.4.2 - Count money (pounds)" by White Rose Maths





In today's lesson I would like you to decorate the volcano that you made on Tuesday. Try to make this look like the volcanoes you have seen when we have been researching them. 


You can use anything you like to do this e.g. paint, tissue paper, felt- colours etc. 


Don't forget to post a picture of the end project 😀.