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Thursday 4th March


Daily 10- This week I would like you to select level 3- then divisions- mixed tables x2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10. Please start at 10 seconds- If you know that you are getting really good at this then reduce the time as you go. We should be aiming to reduce the time down to at least 5 seconds, if you can go lower this would be amazing.  Also remember to practise your TT Rocks stars- you get a dojo for every time that you have been on so it is worth it (I will add these up on Friday when I access who has been on).

Spr3.8.4 - What is perimeter? activity

This is "Spr3.8.4 - What is perimeter? activity" by White Rose

There is no worksheet for today's lesson. Please could you pause the video in appropriate places (when it asks you to work something out), then record the work that you have been asked to do in your book. 


All of today's practise will help you in tomorrow's lesson. 




Today is world book day. As you Miss Bailey has organised a 'Masked Reader' challenge. The links for this will be provided on out Class Story on Dojo. 


Please complete the 'Poems about Crocodiles' reading comprehension. This can be found in your KS2 English Comprehension Booklet for Year 3, on pages 24 and 25.   




You could go on the below link and have a look at completing something else: