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Thursday 4th


Daily 10- Today I would like you to select level 4, multiplication, mixed x tables up to 12. Have a go at 10 seconds or less please and be really trying to get your time down. Alternatively, if you feel that there is a times table which you are less confident with select this instead.

Follow this link to find today's lesson.


This is the second lesson on multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit and you will be applying the method to word problems. You may notice that the teacher in this video puts the exchanges at the top of the calculation but please continue to put them underneath as we learned yesterday. 

Please complete the talk task and independent task that is in the video. 


World Book Day


The Masked Reader (link will be posted on class story).



Please also find some optional extra activities below. 

Virtual library- Why not sample a new book?