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Wider Curriculum

Week commencing 16/11



Go through the PowerPoint uploaded below and complete task 1 (map).



1. Complete task 2 from the Monday PowerPoint (question and research page).

2.  Music lesson. Follow the link below and complete lesson 1. If you enjoy it and have time you could also do lesson 2. 



1. RE lesson 

2. Art- Look at the PowerPoint about eyes and famous artists who use eyes as a base for their work. Complete the activities set out in the slides.



1. Exploring Viking runes

2. PE activity 



1. How did the Vikings travel?

Complete the longship reading comprehension (write into your book if you cannot print) . 

2. Computing- cyberbullying lesson.



Week commencing 9/11 


This week we are starting our new topic all about the Vikings. 


Your tasks for this week are:


1. Monday/ Tuesday: 1. Design a Viking themed page for the first page in your green book. Write Vikings in the middle and draw pictures around the outside to do with the Vikings (use google images to help). Get creative and add colour if possible. 

2. Complete the video and questions task. (The sheet can be found below) 


2. Wednesday: 1. Complete the reading lesson about remembrance day (resources can be found in the reading page).  

    2. Complete the art activity in the document below. 


3. Thursday: Research and create a fact page all about the first Viking raids at Lindisfarne. You could present this with drawn pictures or type it up. If you are doing this work in your book, why not use a double page. 


4. Friday: Complete the reading comprehension all about the Vikings, this will hopefully give you a little more information about them. If you cannot print, just write your responses in your book. 

Tuesday tasks