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Monday 29th November

Tuesday 30th November



Please practise your song words for the Carol concert and if you have any lines, please practise those too.



Work your way through the PowerPoint. Use the Activity sheets when prompted. You do not have to print the sheets.

Wednesday 1st December

For today's PE lesson you could have a go at some of the electricity dance ideas on the sheet above. Alternatively, you could try a Joe Wicks PE class or get out in your garden and play in the snow (if you have any left)!

Thursday 2nd December

Friday 3rd December



In school today, we are going to make our Christmas cards using a traditional Victorian technique called quilling. Look through the presentation and if you can, have a go at making your own Christmas card. Don't worry if you don't have lots of coloured paper there are plenty of Christmas card designs that include white...such as a snowman!


If you aren't able to make a card then follow the lesson and complete a detailed plan so that you can make your card when you return to school.



For today's PE lesson can you design a circuit in your garden using objects from around your home? The information below may give you a few ideas. Don't forget to send us some photos or even a video of you completing your circuit.