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Monday 6th December

Victorians Topic work

Watch the videos from The Preston Park Museum website below.

We would like you to spend a couple of Topic lessons creating your own double page spread about Victorian Christmas traditions. Your double page can be designed in any way that you like but it must give information about different Victorian Christmas traditions. It can have a mixture of writing and pictures (you can draw these or use photographs) It can have lift-up flaps or boxes to organise the information under sub-headings. There are some examples of double page spreads on a different topic below. There are also a few resources to help you with your research.

Double page spread ideas

Tuesday 7th December


Practise the words for the Christmas songs or practise singing them at home.


Read the presentation below about different ways of communicating then complete the worksheet (below) on how to communicate.

Wednesday 8th December


Complete your double page spread on the topic of A Victorian Christmas (started on Monday).