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Tuesday 24th Nov

If you cannot print out at home, it's not a problem - just answer the questions directly into your green 'Home Learning' book. Daily 10 and the 'Get Ready' questions on the White Rose video can be answered here too. I will include answers for each day - please self-mark your maths work and upload a photo of your maths work onto Class Dojo so I can see how you did.




Please follow the link to complete your Daily 10. Please select Level 4 (or Level 5 if you fancy a challenge), multiplication, mixed tables up to 12x. If you know there's a particular times table you need to practise, you can select that too.


Today's lesson is about reading and interpreting tables. Please follow the link below:

If you have completed this lesson already because you have been home learning, please select one of the maths activities from the 'Immediate Home Learning' page of our class website. The link is below.



Please follow the link to today's English lesson.




As we are looking at coding, I've found these great tutorials on Scratch. Each tutorial has an accompanying video to talk you through the different steps. This link below is all about animating a sprite:


Alternatively, you can complete the Oak Academy lesson below: