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Tuesday 2nd


Daily 10- Today I would like you to select level 4, multiplication, mixed x tables up to 12. Have a go at 10 seconds or less please and be really trying to get your time down. Alternatively, if you feel that there is a times table which you are less confident with select this instead. 

We need another day on the short multiplication method (2-digits by 1-digit) in class. If you feel that you need more support with this, please click the video below and watch how the method works.


This is also a useful link:
You do need to scroll down to where it says ‘written method for multiplication’. There are then two examples of how to set out calculations and work them out. 

The idea of today is to just make sure that we are fully confident with 2 digits x 1digit before moving onto 3 digit numbers.  

Multiplication Short multiplication with regrouping (place value counters)

Worksheet and answers


Please follow the link below to find your RE lesson for today.

You do not need to complete the quiz at the start. Please write down any sentence based tasks that you are asked to complete in the video.