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W/C 16th Nov

Monday 16th November

Read and interpret line graphs

RE - Buddhism


Please copy and paste the link below:

Tuesday 17th November

No White Rose video today as we are practising interpreting line graphs for a second day. Today's worksheet is below, called 'Mars'.

Wednesday 18th November

Draw line graphs

How The Rosetta Stone Unlocked Hieroglyphics

Thursday 19th November

Use line graphs to solve problems

For your independent RE task you can either:


- Colour the calendar wheel with the appropriate colours


- Design wall hangings / banners for the different times of the Christian year, thinking about which colours you will incorporate into each one. If you choose this activity, please consider appropriate images e.g. no Easter bunny for the 'Easter' time of years - keep it natural (flowers, patterns etc).

Friday 20th November