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W/C 23/11

Monday 23rd November 


First complete your daily ten. 

This week I would like you to have a go at x by 9. You can start on 15 seconds if needed and then bring it down to 10 as the week goes on. You could even try 7 seconds!

Please follow the link below to find your lesson for today. Your task is also on the video.





Read through the information about the Coppergate Excavation. 

Complete the tasks. 

1. Choose 5-6 artefacts from the slide to complete on the table (draw your own into your book if you cannot print)

2. Use this webpage to find out what the artefact actually is and how it was used and add this to your table.


When you click the link, scroll down to find the artefacts and information. 

Tuesday 24th November



Efficient subtraction sheet and answers



1. Complete the dictionary match up sheet by searching for the definition of the words.

2. Write a sentence for each word to show your understanding. 

Tuesday RE