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Wednesday 10th Feb

Play TTRockstars or the Daily 10 ( x2 x5 x10 x3 or divide by 2,5,10,3  or challenge yourself to a mix up)smiley

3.Count vertices on 2D shapes

Reading - 15-20 minutes

(Choose an option from the suggested timetable)


SPaG - 15 - 20 mins

(Choose an option from the suggested timetable which includes our weekly spellings)

Wellbeing Wednesday smiley  Wednesday is your chance to spend the afternoon rewarding yourselves for working hard and making the time to do something that makes you happy. This could be arts and crafts, music, being outdoors (if you are brave enough in the cold ), the list is endless ! Here are some ideas you could choose from but you might have a different project in mind.


  1. Write a postcard or a letter to a friend or family member, telling them about things that have been going well for you recently. Could you include some photos or draw a picture for them?
  2. Build a cosy indoor den and snuggle down inside with your favourite books to read.
  3. Have a go at  baking or try cooking something new. Could you make a healthy treat or a new meal?
  4. Play a game with a family member. This might be a favourite card / board game or a new game that you have never played before. Could you make up or design your own game too? 
  5. Design and make a cardboard marble run, can you get it through tunnels or tubes ?
  6. Write and illustrate your own book. Use ideas from your favourite stories or the things that are around you right now. You could also try to illustrate it.
  7. Use construction toys, lego, building blocks or junk modelling materials to make something! 
  8. Design a treasure hunt, make a map , set clues and see if someone can find your treasure !
  9. Watch your favourite film and just enjoy some quiet time.
  10. Go and have fun outdoors, if you still have some snow you could build some snow sculptures !