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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning Year One


Here are your lessons for today. 


Maths-  To use mathematical models and strategies for subtraction

In this lesson you will explore mathematical problems in context and consider different solutions.

Lesson Link


English- To tell a created story from memory

In this lesson, we will use the 'Hear, Map, Step, Speak' method to begin to retell our own stories from memory.

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Phonics- Today we looking at the 'ph' digraph.

Mr Thorne


Please complete the real and nonsense activity sheet attached.






Science- How can I describe an object?

In this lesson, we will be learning about different properties of materials. We will be identifying different objects and describing the properties of the materials they are made from. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil


Lesson Link


Common Exception Words 

Here are some common exception words – words that are spelled without using the normal spelling rules. Children are expected to be able to spell these words by the end of Year 1 (age 6).


Tricky Words

Phase 5 sounds