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Wednesday 24th February


Daily 10- This week I would like you to select level 3- then multiplication- mixed tables x2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10. Please start at 10 seconds- If you know that you are getting really good at this then reduce the time as you go.  Also remember to practise your TT Rocks stars- you get a dojo for every time that you have been on so it is worth it (I will add these up on Friday when I access who has been on).

Spr3.7.3 - Equivalent lengths (m & cm)

This is "Spr3.7.3 - Equivalent lengths (m & cm)" by White Rose Maths


Well-being Wednesday


As part of our Well-being Wednesday I would like you to choose 3 of the below activities to complete this afternoon. You must get parent permission to do some of them. 


If you would like to do more than 3 then that is also fine. 


Feel free to send any pictures of yourself doing the activities (but if you are having too much fun then don't worry).