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Wednesday 25th Nov

If you cannot print out at home, it's not a problem - just answer the questions directly into your green 'Home Learning' book. Daily 10 and the 'Get Ready' questions on the White Rose video can be answered here too. I will include answers for each day - please self-mark your maths work and upload a photo of your maths work onto Class Dojo so I can see how you did.




Please follow the link to complete your Daily 10. Please select Level 4 (or Level 5 if you fancy a challenge), multiplication, mixed tables up to 12x. If you know there's a particular times table you need to practise, you can select that too.


Today's lesson is about interpreting two-way tables. Please follow the link below:



Please use any strategies we look at in class to help you learn your spellings this week:


- Speed write

- Box up the word

- Make a mnemonic ( a silly rhyme ) to help you remember

- Turn the word into a picture related to it

- Squiggle, then fill each section with a spelling

- Pyramid words

- Rainbow write



Please follow the link to today's English lesson.



For today's PE lesson, I'd like you to design your own mini-circuit to complete at home (inside or outside)!


Think of 8 - 10 different activities that can be completed in a minute. You may wish to use ideas from our circuits in class:


- Burpees

- Plank

- Shuttle runs

- Wall throws


You could get creative with any equipment you have at home too!


Once your circuit is set up, time yourself 1 minute for each activity and make a note of how many of that activity you can do (this is called a rep).


When you have completed each of your activites, repeat the full circuit for another 2 goes. Make sure you allow yourself a breather between circuits to recover!