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Wednesday 27th


Daily 10- Today I would like you to select level 4 and divide by 6. Have a go at 7 seconds or less please. If this feels too fast, up the time to 10 seconds and see if this helps. 


Today's lesson is an Oak Academy video and is based on learning the 6 times table and division facts. You do not need to complete the worksheet from Oak Academy as I would like you to complete the White Rose one that has been uploaded. 


Worksheet and answers


Please follow this link to find today's English lesson.

Each lesson has been a follow on rather than stand alone. If you haven't been able to keep up with the English each day please don't worry but try to do them in order if possible otherwise it might become confusing. 

If you need any support at all, let me know.

Science- you can either print this sheet or draw the table from the video.




Continue your Edward Tulane work from yesterday.




Complete the short comprehension that has been uploaded below and at least two quizzes on read theory.