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Wednesday 3rd Feb


Daily 10- Today I would like you to select level 4 and multiply by 11. I would then like you to do another and multiply by 12.   Have a go at 10 seconds or less please. 

11 and 12 times-table

Worksheet and answers



You do not need to listen to all of this, just a few minutes as part of your English task.

Wellbeing Wednesday- art afternoon 


In class this afternoon we will be creating our New York City postcards using the landmark we chose last week. 

I will upload some photographs of last year's work for inspiration. We will use an a4 sheet (paper is fine if you do not have card). 

Hopefully you might be able to print a picture off of your landmark so that you don't have to look at a screen whilst drawing. If you can add colour to your work, that would be super. 


If you would prefer to do something else creative, I have included some choices below. It is up to you which you decide to do :-).  

No screen activities