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Weds 10th Feb


I feel we need a bit more practise at TO x TO, to make sure we're really happy with the method. 


Before beginning the lesson, please can you watch my two videos which go through lots of examples. I'd like you to work through them with me on your own piece of paper so that you get into the hang of the layout. 


Today's lesson is from Oak Academy so there is no worksheet - the tasks are included on the lesson.


Please make sure that you put your place holder down when carrying out your second multiplication, otherwise you will not be multiplying by a multiple of 10.




Well-being Wednesday

For this afternoon's well-being Wednesday, you might like to try one of Darrell Wakelam's 3D art projects. They are made with household objects or food (like pasta spirals or spaghetti)! I'll put a link to his website which has lots of pictures to choose from, as well as a PDF document with loads more ideas. I'd love to see anything you create!