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NSPCC Number Day 5.2.2021

Hi just wanted to let you know that the Derbyshire School Games Organisers are currently running ‘virtual competitions’. This gives you the opportunity to win points and prizes for your school. Each week, the highest scoring school in the county will win a prize for their school.  


Unfortunately I have only just heard about this or I would have informed you sooner, the latest Friday competition is to produce a piece of work highlighting what netball means to you (e.g. a song, rap, poem, dance), and these can be submitted via the following link before 9am on Friday 22nd May:


Obviously this is very short notice but I wanted to make you aware of this event in case you wanted to enter any of the other upcoming competitions. There is no obligation to do this but I thought it might be something fun for you to do.




Mrs Watkinson

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