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September re-opening infomation


Welcome to this page which will share how school will be in September as it re-opens to all pupils.


This information is available on ClassDojo.



Here is a map with the routes for drop off and pick up times in September.


We are uploading video's to help show you where to go in September and a sneak peak into some of the classrooms. Look for the link with this picture in your class story pages. wraparound care Reception and Year 1 Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 Year 3 and Year 5



September Uniform

I have received a few queries regarding school uniform for September.

Please can all pupils wear school:

  • red jumpers/cardigans (with/without school logo)
  • white or red polo shirts (with/without school logo)
  • Black leggings or black/grey shorts/trousers
  • Trainers (any colour at present but school shoes when school uniform is reinstated fully should be black, unbranded with no visible logos on shoes/trainers)
  • Named coat suitable for the weather.
  • School bag no bigger than A4 please this is to ensure all fit on pegs/backs of chairs. We cannot have bags on the floor in corridors.
  • No PE kits at present.
  • Please no pencil cases - we will provide any equipment pupils will need.
  • Water bottles and lunch boxes must be named and wiped down/cleaned each night.
  • Please ensure all uniform and bags are named.
  • Long hair (shoulder length and longer) should be tied back to limit pupils touching their faces.

Uniform will be reviewed during the first half term as to whether this continues or full uniform reinstated.

Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult time.


To help guide you here is some advice on what to do if your child has symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has symptoms.

If you are on holiday or about to go, please be aware of the changing circumstances over quarantine on return.


A clearer version is available on ClassDojo.


Childminders and external childcare providers.

If you use an out of school childcare provider such as childminders. The drop off/pick up time is 8.50am - 3.30pm.

If they are taking Reception aged pupils to school they can take/collect them from the classroom.

Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, will be dropped off/collected from the playground.

Please can parents ensure your child care provider is aware of the times and where your child should go.

Many thanks 😊




Assessing gaps in September.

When school starts back in September we will be undertaking 2 weeks of transition/settling/emotional well being activities before we start the formal curriculum. Well being will continue throughout the year too. This will give us chance to start gathering evidence of any gaps in learning pupils may have.

The pictures with this message will highlight how this works.

Formative assessment is gathering information from group work, work they produce in their books, discussion with teachers, fun quizzes and collaboration with their class mates.

Formative assessment takes place over a longer period of time in shorter bursts. Most of the time pupils don’t realise we have assessed them.

Summative assessment is more formal testing, although this plays a part in assessing pupils it is not going to be used as we settle pupils initially.

Schools use a mix of formative and summative approaches over the year and this will continue later in the school year.

For existing pupils we hope to have identified gaps in learning, if any, by October half term and will be putting support in place either for individuals, groups or whole classes as needed.

Teachers will liaise with you over how and where your child is academically at the October parents evening.

It is important to remember that pupils will have learned a variety of other skills and knowledge whilst school was closed. We have loved hearing about the new skills which pupils have learned like riding bikes, baking and building insect hotels.

Whatever the decision is by the Government on statutory assessments this year, we will support our pupils in the best way we can.