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Bob the Dog

Hi everyone!  Meet Bob the Dog.  He lives at Mrs Kelly's house and, little known fact, used to go to animal school with Park House Bear.  Bob the Dog has a challenge for you all.  He likes to explore (and sometimes get up to mischief) and we wondered if you could keep track of all the things he does.  Every time you see a new photo of him doing something on this page, you could write some sentences to describe what he is up to in your home learning books and draw a picture to go with it.    Keep your eyes peeled, there may be extra challenges along the way!


Here he is meeting Mrs Kelly's dog, Susan!



Meet Bob the Dog

Bob has been busy today!  Can you write in your books what he has been doing?  Don't forget to draw a nice picture and colour it in.




Bob is checking on Mrs Kelly's herb patch - it's ready for a lot of work I think! Can you spot the plant with rounder, flat leaves?  That is mint and it is is actually from a cutting from the mint plant in our play area!  Mrs Kelly is hoping it grows well this year, it smells lovely! smiley