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Friday 26th February

Maths-To experience standard units of mass

In this lesson we will be using 1 kg to compare the mass of household objects.



Daily Ten- - level 2-partitioning


English-  To make inferences based on what is said or done

In this lesson we will learn how to infer information from a text using inference strategies.

This is quite a tricky lesson and is something we will be moving on to looking at more when all the children are back in school.  If the children would like to try and write the sentences today, they are very welcome to, but they might just like to answer verbally today.  You could even try and record some of the answers and send them through on dojo!



Apologies the sound isn't brilliant on this, but hopefully you can manage OK!

Phonics 26 Feb


Listen to the story then you could either complete some of the colouring sheets if you have access to a printer, or you use them to give you ideas for your own pictures.  Can you add some sentences to explain what is happening in your scene?

Jonah and The Whale