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Monday 22nd February

Maths-  To compare the mass of two objects

In this lesson we will be comparing the masses of two objects.



Daily Ten - Level 2- partitioning


Jack and the Beanstalk

English- To listen to a story

In this lesson we will explore past tense verbs, learn our spellings for the 've' grapheme and listen to a new story. We will then create a plot matrix for the story and really focus on our "problems that matter" toolkit.



Phonics Play-  Please follow the link to play some phonic games.  




What is South America like?

In this lesson we are going to be virtually flying to South America which is in the southern hemisphere. First we will be filling our brains with facts about the population and how many countries are in South America. Then we will be learning about the physical features on this continent. It has lots of different elements! We will then be looking more in depth into the Amazon rainforest which is located in this wonderful continent.