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Year 2



Our topic this term has been The Scented Garden.  We have been learning about plants, in this country and comparing with plants around the world.  To see what seeds need to grow into healthy plants we gave some water and sunlight, some we kept in the dark and some we did not water.  We have not been able to complete this experiment so this is something you may want to try at home.

If you have no seeds, maybe you have some fruit with seeds in that you could use.  If you have no plant pots , you could use yoghurt pots or jam jars.

Please take some photographs so we can see the progress.



Thinking of our topic, could you draw a picture of your garden and then a picture of a magical garden where unicorns and/ or dragons live.  What else lives there?  What flowers could grow there?  Could you label the plants in your garden?  If you are feeling really creative, you could paint a picture of a flower from your garden?  We have some great artists in Year Two and I can't wait to see your creations

Some spellings to practise for the next 6 weeks

Reading Tasks:


Pick a book from Oxford Owls or a book you have at home.

  • Make a cosy den to read it in and take a photo
  • Share it with a family member
  • Can you write a character profile? What are they like (appearance, personality)?  What did they do in the story?
  • Find a word you don't know the meaning of and ask a grown up what it means
  • Write a new ending for the book, get a grown up to help with this
  • Get a grown up to take photos of you reading in unusual places in your home or garden, how many did you find?


Click here to register with Oxford Owls, it is free and you only need an email address.

Could you write a review for a non fiction book?

English Comprehension

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