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Tuesday 2nd February

English- Instructions -how to make a paper crown


In this lesson, we will be learning to tell a set of instructions from memory using a four step process - Hear, Map, Step, Speak.


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In phonics today we are thinking about split digraph o-e.

Mr Thorne o-e



Maths- Compare numbers within 50

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Daily Ten- Level 2, ordering two digit numbers.  Let's see how fast you can answer the questions.


Science-   Which materials are absorbent?

In this lesson, we will be learning about absorbency. We will test and compare the absorbency of a variety of household materials. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil to complete today's lesson. For the experiment, if you would like to take part, you will need: a sponge or cloth, plastic bag or cup, foil, cardboard or paper, cotton wool or tissue. If you do not have these materials, you can watch the teacher complete the experiment while observing the outcomes.


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Music-  Maintaining pulse and finding the strong beats

In this lesson, we will be learning to maintain a steady pulse, to find the strong beat in the bar and how to move to the pulse of the music.

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