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Thursday 21st October

We're recapping on all the phase three sounds we've been learning this term for the rest of this week, so feel free to choose one of the sounds you've not done and have a practice!


We're also looking at Winnie The Witch.  Click below to watch a video of Korky Paul (the illustrator who did the pictures in the books), read the story.  Then you might like to try the activity underneath!  Can you write some sentences to explain what is happening at each stage of the story?

Author Storytime: Korky Paul reads Winnie the Witch | Oxford Owl

It's storytime! Join us to hear illustrator Korky Paul read this beloved classic, the original 'Winnie the Witch'.

Tuesday 19th October


Today we are thinking about the 'er' digraph.

Lesson Link

Monday 18th October


Mr MC Link for todays phonics 'ure'


Friday 15th October

Phonics lesson 11: phase 3: air

Welcome back and today we are learning 'air'

Thursday 14th October

Phonics lesson: 12: phase 3: er

Today we are learning the digraph 'er'

Can you spot the real words from the nonsense words? Choose a colour for each type of word and see what you can find!


Phonics-  Todays trigraph is 'ear'. 

Mr Mc Link


Write three sentences using words that have the 'ear' sound.  



Today's digraph is 'oi'.  Follow the link below for Mr MC 'oi'




Activity 'oi'