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Monday 25th January

Bingo Cards for virtual meet on Wednesday at 2.30pm.

Hello Year One.  I hope you've had a lovely relaxing weekend and are ready for another week of home learning. 



For daily ten you can choose any of the options in level one. If you fancy an extra challenge try level 2 or try and get a faster time. You're all doing amazing with this.

Daily Ten Link

In maths we are starting place value to 50. Please watch the video first and then complete the activity attached.  Please contact me if you have any problems.

Lesson Link


English- The Magic Paintbrush

In this lesson, we will be applying our reading strategies to a text and learning how to give our opinion.

Lesson Link

Please use your homework book for your activities. 



Can you remember all the sounds we have looked at so far?  Ask a grown up to test you. Try and remember to form all your letters correctly.

Today we are looking at the 'oe' digraph.

Video Link

Alternative spellings for oe





In this lesson, we are going to be virtually flying to Africa! Today, we are learning more about this huge continent. First, we will be filling our brains with facts about the population and how many countries are in Africa. I am so excited that we will be looking at different foods which are grown in Africa and transported all over the world. Then we will be looking at the interesting animals and landmarks you could see if you visited Africa. Get your passport ready, let’s virtually fly to Africa!

Lesson Link