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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to Year 5's class page. Miss Bailey is your class teacher and Mrs Clarke is your teaching assistant. Miss Bushnell and Mrs Clarke teach you on a Friday afternoon. Ms Clarke also helps out on a Wednesday afternoon.

Important information


  • PE this term will take place on Monday and Wednesday, so please make sure kits are in school.  Please check that your child's kit includes a warm top and tracksuit bottoms for outdoor PE in cooler weather. Shorts and t-shirts are essential for PE in warmer weather. If your child has pierced ears, they must be taken out or covered securely with a plaster. Please remember that staff are unable to help with this.


  • Monday - Spellings given out

    Thursday - Maths homework due in.

                 - Ukulele lesson with Mrs Charles and Mrs Miles (11am- 12pm).

    Friday - Maths homework (linked to the week's learning) set for the following  


              - Times tables and spelling tests.


  • Extended homework is set half termly and is related to the topic we are studying.


  • Times Tables Rockstars challenges are set every Friday and sessions recur weekly. Raffle tickets will be awarded for children who complete or exceed the set amount of games in the arena each week. The more times you play, the more raffle tickets you will be awarded. An exciting prize is up for grabs at the end of term!


  • Your child is responsible for changing their own reading book before or after school and are expected to have their reading book and homework diary in school each day. Reading at home makes a huge difference to your child's progress, so please ensure to read regularly together at home throughout the week and sign your child's diary.


  • To encourage reading at home, raffle tickets are being awarded for children who get their diaries signed by an adult. Again, the more times you read, the greater your chances are of winning a prize at the end of term!

All the links on this page are there to help you with what you are studying this term. Please take a look at them!

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Taking cuttings to learn about asexual reproduction in plants

This morning, the Chief Alchemist provided us with a range of samples taken from Alchemy Island. We had to  consider the properties of each sample then use sieving, filtration, magnetism or evaporation to help get the water as pure as possible. Some groups challenged themselves by using or repeating some of the processes to get their water as clear as possible.


All groups successfully separated their mixtures and in return, were provided with a set of co-ordinates to help them continue onto the next step of their journey.

Heave... ho! Part one of our pulley investigation involved lifting a bucket of water by hand and then with a pulley using a force meter to record the reading. Strangely, our results were identical! Why could this be? We realised that a pulley only changes the direction of the effort. To lift a bucket of water upwards, is a lot harder than pulling it downwards using a pulley.


What would happen with a fixed and a moveable pulley? Our investigation continues...

We used our knowledge of contour lines to help us create 3D representations of the land on Alchemy Island. Can you spot where the volcano (Mount Furnace) and Glass Peak Mountains are on each model?
In Geography, we have been learning about contour lines through the use of sliced potatoes! Each section can be drawn around (on card the same thickness as the slice) and re-stacked to create a replica of the original potato. We will then use this knowledge to create our own 3D model of Alchemy Island.

Potato Contour Lines

Potato Contour Lines 1
Potato Contour Lines 2
We really enjoyed using the Epic Citadel app to inspire our writing as we washed up on the shore of Alchemy Island following a dramatic storm at sea.
This week in maths, we have been comparing fractions smaller than 1 by using cubes and diagrams to help us.
We had a fantastic time at Lea Green, taking part in activities such as: low ropes, GPS orienteering, bouldering, den building and fire lighting, Smuggler's Run and mattress surfing.
Here are a few short clips from our ukulele concert (large file sizes are unable to be processed. To hear longer clips, please see the recordings posted in the 'Gallery' section of the website). A huge 'thank you' to Mrs Charles and Mrs Miles for your hard work in getting us to such a good standard in only a few short weeks!

Ukelele Concert

Still image for this video

Ukelele Concert

Still image for this video
We practised exchanging with place value counters as part of our 'Addition and Subtraction' unit of work before we attempted the formal written method.
Hot - seating key people involved in the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb: Howard Carter, Lord Canarvon, Lady Evelyn and the water boy. Their answers were then used as quotes in our newspaper reports.

Hot - seating key people involved in the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb

We really enjoyed getting messy with the clay! To make our canopic jars, we used the 'coil' method, smoothing the bumps out with slip (a kind of clay glue). A 'pinch pot' was used to form the base of our canopic jar head, which we built up gradually to take the shape of either a jackal, a human, a monkey or a falcon. Some of us etched hieroglyphs and patterns into the clay while it was still wet, others preferred to paint their design on last.
Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Weston Park Museum to start off their topic on Ancient Egypt. Alison, the tour guide introduced them to two mummies called Djedma and Nessita and the children had great fun looking at a variety of x-ray and CT scan images of their bodies. It was quite funny to imagine them being wheeled across the street to the children's hospital in order to be x-rayed! Alison then took them upstairs where they 'mummified' a dummy using a variety of gruesome techniques, made little clay shabtis and created cartouches with their names. The day was finished off with some Egyptian friezes and learning a dance to help them remember the mummification process.